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Yoga is a journey I began over 10 years ago and like many, I took my first class
seeking refuge from anxiety and stress, but
yoga gave me so much more.

It has helped me through many tough times and given me wonderful tools to help me cope
and thrive over the past years. The added bonus is a
stronger more flexible body and a clearer and more
focussed mind.

So in love with yoga I decided to deepen my skills and look
towards sharing this wonderful practice with others, I
completed my two-year teacher training with the British
Wheel of Yoga and haven’t looked back since.

A self confessed yoga nerd, I spend a great deal of time
broadening my knowledge and yoga skills through workshops
and trainings – not only to deepen my own practice, but
share these teachings with my students.

I can honestly say that yoga has had the most profound and
wonderful impact on my life and I haven’t looked back from
my very first class all those years ago.

Yoga is for everybody, full stop.  Regardless of age, shape,
sex or ability, there is always something positive it will
bring to your life. 


Let me share my journey with you.  
Maybe it will change your life too – I hope so …….

Elaine x



Elaine is a lovely, relaxed teacher who offers a class
that flows well, but that also takes into account
individuals' specific needs. I always come home from
her weekly session feeling stretched, relaxed and with a
smile on my face!   V

I only came to yoga recently as part of rehabilitation
after illness and I was a bit nervous about not being able
to manage some of the movements. I am really enjoying
Elaine’s classes. She is very thoughtful in suggesting
different options for each movement and I feel
comfortable choosing what feels good for my body on that day  E

I have had one-to-one sessions with Elaine which has
helped me no end with my lower back stiffness.
I love the breathing techniques she gives me to help me
relax and have more energy.  I use the breathing to help
my anxiety too.
The sessions are relaxed and friendly and I always feel
like I have learned new things when I come away.  The
lessons are always written up and I’m given a sheet to
take away to help me continue to do yoga at home.
Being very forgetful, this is a real bonus!   C

Elaine has been teaching me since I started yoga. I
really enjoy her style and the way she explains and
demonstrates each new group of movements. She is
very careful to check each week with each individual
their current abilities or limitations. During the lesson
each position is checked to avoid injury. I like the way
she reminds us when to breathe. Her use of music is
good too..  A

As a village, we were very lucky to have such a great
teacher on hand.
Thank you for your commitment and great teaching. S

I'm enjoying the classes more and more.

It's such a nice group

isn't it?  E

I can't believe the difference Elaine's yoga classes have made - especially to my knees.  Before coming I was thinking of knee replacement surgery due to the amount of pain I was in.  After 3 months of yoga with Elaine I am experiencing much less pain.  I am stronger, more flexible and I have more energy and these benefits continue.   I now feel that surgery can wait and may, who knows, never happen at all.....  V (Gentle Yoga and Movement Student).


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